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ESM European partnership includes public bodies and organizations from Cyprus, France, Germany, Spain and Turkey involved with the implementation of formal education towards sentenced minors, imprisoned or not.

In each country study visits take place which provide a basis for the visit of prisons (including teaching units), detention centers and other related services as well as workshops with local networks including prison staffs, judges for minors, public decision makers, social workers from integration and probation services, teachers teaching youngsters in prison, psychologists,…. Young offenders and/or sentenced minors are involved too and they will be met during prisons and detention centers’ visits although they don’t take part in mobilities.

During ESM project’s development, partners exchange their knowledge and experience on their national justice and penal law systems as well as the legal rules providing the education and treatment to the target group. Together they try to identify the success criteria from all partner countries on a range of topics that are interconnected within prison’s education or educative pathways for sentenced minors not imprisoned.

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